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Friday, February 4, 2011

Smh Of The Day: Scarcface Been Locked Up Since October 2010[Guess Why]

Rapper Scarface has been incarcerated for not paying child support and has been behind bars since October of 2010.

The rapper has been held in the Montgomery County Jail since, confirms a source close to the rapper.

The rapper has several outstanding child support cases and has had to appear before several courts since his initial incarceration.

"He's gotten transferred to a few jails last year and some of the cases are in different states," the source said. "This whole situation could've been avoided." 

Additionally, Scarface has not been assisted in his plight from anybody close to him, even though aid has been requested.

Other details to the case have yet to be revealed, but Scarface reportedly has a tremendous financial commitment before him. Being jailed further compounds the situation since he is unable to generate income to even start paying the support, the source said.

More details on this case will be revealed as they emerge.
(source: All Hip Hop)

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